Welcome to CCPAN

The Climate Change Philanthropy Action Network (CCPAN) was established in 2006 to create a platform for bringing together committed philanthropists and foundations from around the world to promote strategic philanthropic initiatives in the critical area of climate change mitigation. 

The CCPAN initiative was launched at the Iceland Climate Change Action Summit in October 2006.  The purpose of the summit was to bring together international philanthropists and foundations along with climate change experts and other actors to explore a variety of climate change mitigation initiatives in an informal, action-oriented setting.  Finding this first opportunity for informal engagement and interaction extremely valuable, the conveners committed to develop CCPAN into an on-going peer network where philanthropists could continue to share best practices and coordinate strategies and plans of action around climate change.

CCPAN seeks to advance the field of climate change philanthropy by bringing together donors in a structured platform to promote strategic philanthropic initiatives, coordination and collaboration at a global level. We aim to catalyze the scale needed to solve the climate crisis by promoting opportunities for concrete action by all constituencies to address global warming.  Recognising the serious implications of climate change both to this generation and the next, we will support, disseminate and generate ideas and initiatives that have highly leveragable, substantial and sustainable impacts at the multinational, national and local levels.